NGC 7479

NGC 7479 is probably the best barred spiral galaxy in the northern hemisphere. Even at a distance of 105 million light years away, its magnitude of 10.8 makes it bright enough to be seen through modest sized telescopes. Our view of this galaxy is almost face on with spiral arms spreading out from the ends of the prominent bar. The mottling in the bar is probably due to dust lanes. The reason for one of the spiral arms being further from the galaxy's core may be that the galaxy merged with a minor galaxy some time in the distant past. The galaxy's position in the sky is shown below the main image with a second image which will help you to pick out some of the background galaxies shown in the main image. This object is also number 44 in the Caldwell catalogue.

Image captured using 60 second exposures through red, green and blue filters.

Copyright Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network.


NGC7479 lies in the constellation Pegasus.

It is also visible from our latitudes.

Move your mouse over the image to see the positions of some of the distant background galaxies which have been detected. You may be able to find some others.


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