Nested Duodecahedrons

A duodecahedron is a 3-dimensional shape with 12 sides.

A regular duodecahedron has 12 equally shaped sides made from regular pentagons.


The completed print on the print bed.

This print can be found at

Three duodecahedrons are nested one inside the other.

Each of the two smaller shapes is trapped inside a larger one  but is free to

move around with no physical joins to the other shapes.


This image shows the print on the printer bed at the end of the printing process.

The thin line on the print bed is called a skirt and it is used to purge the

filament from the nozzle to ensure that the melted filament is deposited cleanly.


The wider darker part of the print is called a brim, as in hat. It is laid down on the

print bed to provide a wide area which improves the adhesion of the filament

to the printer bed. It is removed when the print is released from the bed.


This video shows how the small shapes are trapped within the next largest

and how each one is free to move.

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