Faulkes Telescope at Going Nova 2007

M 16

Here are some images which were captured using the Faulkes Telescope North at the Going Nova Science Festival
which was held at Horizon Scotland at the Business Park in Forres in the north of Scotland.

The event ran from Thursday 22nd March 2007 until Saturday 24th March.
During the Festival, the telescope was under the control of members of  the north of Scotland's two mainland astronomy clubs.
SIGMA, Moray's Astronomy Club and  Highlands Astronomical Society.
Images obtained using the Faulkes Telescope (North), operated by Las Cumbres Observatory.

Date and Time
M 16,
the Eagle nebula in Serpens Cauda.
Mar 24 2007
13.52 and 13.55
RGB filters, 90 seconds
Hydrogen alpha filter, 90 seconds.

Alan M16
Alan Tough

Alan made this composite image using the red, green, blue and hydrogen alpha filters.
Alan Tough

Alan has used the High Pass Filter in Photoshop to improve the contrast in his image.
ChrisJ M16
Christopher Jennings

This is a composite from the red, green and blue filters.
Christopher Jennings

This is also a composite from the red, green and blue filters, but Christopher has made some alterations to the colour balance and the hydrogen alpha image added as a red layer.
Christopher Jennings

In this image, Christopher has tried to bring out some of the colour in the cloud behind the "pillars."
Christopher Jennings

This time, Christopher has made big improvements in reducing the noise in the image as well as increasing the detail in the tallest "pillar."
Eric M16
Eric Walker
Eric also used the red green and blue images but carried out additional noise reduction using Neat Image.

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