Faulkes Telescope at Going Nova 2007

NGC 4038 and 4039

Here are some images which were captured using the Faulkes Telescope North at the Going Nova Science Festival
which was held at Horizon Scotland at the Business Park in Forres in the north of Scotland.

The event ran from Thursday 22nd March 2007 until Saturday 24th March.
During the Festival, the telescope was under the control of members of  the north of Scotland's two mainland astronomy clubs.
SIGMA, Moray's Astronomy Club and  Highlands Astronomical Society.
Images obtained using the Faulkes Telescope (North), operated by Las Cumbres Observatory.

Date and Time
NGC 4038 and 4039,
a pair of interacting galaxies know as
"The Antennae Galaxies" or "The Mice."
Mar 24 2007
RGB filters, 60 seconds

Chris NGC4038
Christopher Jennings

Christopher's very first attempt at processing FITS files.
An extremely creditable attempt.
Eric NGC4038
Eric Walker

A composite image with noise reduction and image sharpening using Neat Image. The faint structure pointing vertically downwards in the lower left of the image is one the "tidal filaments" streaming out above and below this pair of colliding galaxies. These filaments may be made from streams of stars which have been ripped from the galaxies due to their gravitational interaction on one another.
Alan1 Ngc4038
Alan Tough

Alan's first attempt at this pair of objects shows excellent noise reduction and great detail. The small pink regions where the two galaxies meet are regions of new star formation where gas clouds from the two galaxies have rammed into one another, triggering the birth of new stars. The pink colour is due to light being emitted from the clouds of hydregen gas which has been excited by the UV radiation produced by these new stars, very similar to what is happening in the Orion Nebula.
Alan 4038 final
Alan Tough

Alan has revisited this image and has darkened the background to make the tenuous outer parts of the galaxies stand out more.

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