Going Nova

Faulkes Telescope Images

Here are some images which were captured using the Faulkes Telescope North at the Going Nova Science Festival
which was held at Horizon Scotland at the Business Park in Forres in the north of Scotland.

The event ran from Thursday 10th November 2005 until Saturday 12th November.

The Faulkes Telescope team at Going Nova would like to thank to thank Dave Bowdley and Ed Gomez from the Faulkes Telescope Centre,
and Dan Hillier, Visitor Centre Manager at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh. The biggest thanks goes to Matt Hollister, also of the ROE, who gave up a day to help us prepare and joined us in Forres for two days, to pass on his skills and give two amazing presentations on the Festival's Open Day.

Near Earth Objects
Deep Sky Objects
During our seven live sessions on the Faulkes Telescope, we targeted five objects whose orbits took them close to the Earth. Four of them we imaged successfully, obtaining three images about two minutes apart in a single 30 minute session.
The three images and an animated GIF showing the movement across a fixed star field are shown for each NEO target.
One example is shown below.
Click on the NEO link above to see all the images.
We imaged 18 deep sky objects during our live sessions, some of them had to be duplicated as our images were ruined by the group in control of the telescope during the session immediately preceeding ours. On at least two occasions, these groups decided to end their sessions with an attempt to image a planet or a bright star using exposure times several hundred times longer than the minimum recommended time. This resulted in oversaturation of some of the pixels on the telescope camera's CCD chip. The outcome of this was a light coloured streak running vertically through our images.
Click on the Deep Sky Object link above to see all the images.

Processed by  Eric Walker
Processed by Bill Leslie

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