Going Nova

Faulkes Telescope Images - Deep Sky Objects

Here are some images which were captured using the Faulkes Telescope North at the Going Nova Science Festival which was held at Horizon Scotland at the Business Park in Forres in the north of Scotland. The event ran from Thursday 10th November 2005 until Saturday 12th November.
During the Festival, the telescope was under the control of members of  the north of Scotland's two mainland astronomy clubs.
SIGMA, Moray's Astronomy Club and  Highlands Astronomical Society.

At the end of the exposure of each object, the Faulkes telescope web site send a raw jpeg image to the group in control. Higher quality FITS files of each exposure are available shortly after the end of each observing session but these files must be converted to TIFF or jpeg files before they can be viewed. We used ds9, AVIS and FITS Liberator to do the converting. The processing was done using "The GIMP" and Adobe Photoshop. Information about these software packages can be found on the Faulkes Telescope web site, a link is shown near the top of this page, don't forget to come back to us!

Coloured images are built up by making exposures of the same length of time through red, green and blue filters in turn.
For nebulae, we sometimes made exposures through narrow-band hydrogen alpha (H-alpha) and Oxygen III (OIII) filters.

Shown below, are the thumbnails of the raw jpeg's of each object imaged.
Note the vertical streak in some of the thumbnails, you should have seen the worst ones!!

Click on the objects designation to see the processed images.
Remember, this is a huge undertaking with a number of people working in their spare time to process the images.
If clicking on a designation does not open a new page it is because we haven't quite got round to that one yet, but we will!!

Messier Objects
NGC Galaxies
Other NGC Objects
the Crab Nebula,
a supernova remnant
in Taurus.
the Phantom,
a spiral galaxy
in Pisces.
the Little Dumbbell,
a planetary nebula
in Perseus.
a barred spiral galaxy
in Leo
the Owl  Nebula,
a planetary nebula
in Ursa Major.

edge-on spiral galaxy
in Andromeda.
spiral galaxy
in Triangulum.
face-on spiral galaxy
in Eridanus.
barred spiral galaxy
in Eridanus.
spiral galaxy
in Eridanus.
face-on spiral galaxy
in Camelopardalis.
spiral galaxy
in Leo.

the cenral galaxy in a cluster of galaxies
in Perseus.

a dense open cluster
of 35 stars
in Gemini.

a planetary nebula
in Gemini.

the Eskimo Nebula,
a planetary nebula
in Gemini.

a globular cluster
in Lynx.

a spiral galaxy with
its companion, NGC2536,
in Cancer.

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